Finding, encouraging and developing new talent has always been an active and important facet of Perrin's work. And the constant improvement and perfection of technique, is also a goal for the most experienced artists.

Through private instruction, masterclasses, or workshop sessions, Perrin's work focuses on unlocking the full potential of performers and giving them a technical know-how to engage that potential for their work on the stage.

During his own university studies, he was engaged as a vocal teacher and coach, and later became a teaching associate for Seth Riggs. Over the years, his institutional associations have included Boston University, The Tanglewood Institute, Stella Academy, and the Bayerischer Theatre Academy August Everding. He was the Musical Supervisor of the Joop van den Ende Academy in Hamburg from it's inception until 2007.

"Singing is the only instrument that is directly connected to the soul. And the synthesis of technique with emotionality allows true expression and communication."

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